Stance Doctor - Core Unit


The Stance Doctor- Core Unit with Batting Tee,
is proven and effective in developing the necessary core balance, stride length and footwork to be successful in all facets of the game; hitting, fielding,  pitching & throwing.

The unique design allows for 100’s of uses that can be done in any setting, on or off the field of play.   

For complete uses and drills, please see the Drills and Uses section.


  • Forces both Baseball / Softball players to use the correct core mechanics needed for rotational hitting that all elite hitters posses.
  • Corrects long or short striding issues
  • Keeps a players from Stepping out or Diving in
  • Gets the hitter to a balanced launch position
  • Stops players from “squishing the bug”Helps hitters use the proper weight distribution; pre swing & during swing
  • Teaches proper hip release through contact
  • Puts the hitter into a correct tilt for proper swing plane
  • Develops muscle memory creating consistent results at the plate
  • Gives IMMEDIATE feedback needed to correct issues on the spot.

And many more...


  • For both lefties or righties
  • Can be used in the Stretch or Windup positions
  • Teaches proper balance point for “Set” position
  • Fixes Over or Under-striding issues
  • Corrects foot placement for pick off moves
  • Gets a pitcher into the correct fielding stance after the pitch
  • Helps with the follow through by opening the front side
  • Correct improper toe drag during follow through
  • Teaches proper balance/ tilt before movement to the plate


  • Reinforces proper fielding stance at all positions
  • Creates awareness of glove position during fielding
  • Teaches proper footwork from fielding to throwing transition
  • Great for Forehand and Backhand footwork and body positioning
  • Great for ALL position specific drills; catchers blocking drills, covering bases, double plays, OF throwing drills, Pick off moves and anything else requiring proper repetitive footwork.